Your Legacy Matters

Gordon Group, The Legacy Company is a State of Washington Licensed Social Purpose Corporation.

Dedicated to Creating Legacies for Pacific Northwest Companies, Charities and Environmental Causes through; 

  • Advancing the Pacific Northwest’s innovative, creatively disruptive small businesses;
  • Accelerating Pacific Northwest green technologies, product growth;
  • Aiding Puget Sound outreach charities;
  • Supporting social and environmental betterment causes.

Gordon Group, The Legacy Company; We Create Legacies for:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Institutions and Not For Profit Organizations
  • Environmental Green Technology Companies and Concepts

From the genesis of the thought to the desired results, Gordon Group facilitates lasting success and a personalized legacy for your:

  • Business
  • Creative Ventures
  • Noble Causes
  • Green Technologies

When you need to uncover that one major step or that “One Thing” to take you to the next level; 

When you need a tailored way to successfully establish a lasting legacy;

Gordon Group, The Legacy Company is dedicated to providing services:

  • Supporting advanced comprehensive integrated growth and sustainability for diverse business environments;
  • Promoting emerging disruptively innovative small businesses;
  • Vetting emerging internationally impactful green technologies;

Gordon Group, The Legacy Company specializes in:

  • Legacy creation for creative individuals, small businesses and green technology concepts.
  • Legacy generating growth ideas, strategic plans, management consultancy, cash flow analysis, access to capital.
  • Legacy development for clients taking product, project, business and individual dreams to the next level.
  • Legacy forged to see that you distinguish yourself personally in your chosen field of endeavor.

No matter what service we render, Our Purpose is Your Legacy.