It’s Official. Gordon Group, The Legacy Company is a Social Purpose Corp.        Because It’s That One Thing?

“What does that mean? You guys are a social purpose corporation? What difference does that make? Does that mean you are a not for profit organization? What’s the deal?”

Since 2006, the Gordon Financial Group, Inc has successfully conducted business in the Puget Sound area. The businesses, organizations and clients who have utilized the company’s services have been very generous to The Gordon Financial Group, Inc.

During three (3) years of sessions enrolled in the Authentic Manhood Series, the subjects of noble causes and legacies was studied and discussed. Two (2) years ago discussions began about how to turn the “noble cause”, “legacy” inspiration into a reality. While Gordon Group, The Legacy Company will continue to offer financial services; we have expanded our service offerings to assist in creating unique legacies as our way of giving back to the Puget Sound area, our clients and the people who have given so much to us.  

In having served large companies, organizations, institutions, charities, small businesses and families we found that one (1) thing in common with them all; and yet, that one thing’s realization was often lacking.  In spite of the different management structures and missions, they all had that one (1) thing as a goal. They all wanted to leave a positive impactful legacy. For some that legacy meant money to take care of their families. For some leaving a legacy meant leaving a business that would continue to employee the devoted employees who helped create and sustain the business. Many wanted to leave great memories for family and friends. Others wanted to leave a community better than it was before they came. Then there were those who wanted to be known for simply having improved the quality of live for those around them, no matter the environment. Another group sought to leave the legacy of a good reputation or a life fostering lasting inspiration.  Establishing a perpetual gift to a church, faith-based organization, hospital or favorite charity fit perfectly for another group. From our newly found direction as a result of the Authentic Manhood Series, our mission evolved into a passionate desire to leave our legacy by helping those seeking that one thing: A Legacy.  

Now, cue Jack Palance, Curly Washburn from the movie City Slickers. Yes, we help people make their One Thing, A Legacy, become a reality. That’s what our social purpose means for us. We are not a “not for profit” corporation. No, our fees are not tax deductible. In addition to a full array of personal, organizational and business consulting, training, financial, funding, cyber security and project development services; we raise money for individuals in need and “not for profit” organizations. We are a “for profit” company. What is different about a social purpose corporation is that a majority of our net profits are dedicated to the purpose of helping our Puget Sound clients and our chosen charities establish, maintain and secure that one (1) thing: A Legacy

We help create an appropriate, “uniquely designed”, “one of a kind” legacy tailored to meet our clients’ wishes.  Whether aiding in developing a personal, professional, business, charitable, memorable event, entertainment, artistic, destination or living setting, spiritual or family legacy; it is our mission to see that a legacy renders a perpetual gift and lasting memory of thoughtfulness, care and thankfulness. Gordon Group, The Legacy Company does that one (1) thing: A Legacy.

If we all take Curly Washburn’s advice and stick to that one thing and that one thing is a meaningful drive to leave a lasting legacy, then everything else———–. How will you finish that sentence? We may not be able to establish a better world but, we can help you establish that one thing: Your Legacy.

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