A Social Purpose Trend Setter?

Gordon Group, Inc The Legacy Company made the decision some time ago to transition into becoming a State of Washington Social Purpose Corporation. Giving back to the community, advancing Pacific Northwest innovative businesses and boosting Western Washington’s  creative individual endeavors is how our net profits will be utilized as we grow. Our social purpose is supporting, assisting and helping others in establishing legacies for family, home, business, community, charities, patronage of creative arts, society’s betterment and chosen personal Pacific Northwest charitable projects. Gordon Group’s way of investing in a purpose beyond ourselves and our company is to see that we act as servant leaders to the communities and entities that continue to make our lives meaningful and a great adventure..

The State of Washington is one of the US leaders in establishing the licensing and recognition of the Social Purpose Corporation business structure. As we “trend” into this new corporate structure, we find it interesting to see other states and major business organizations seeing the benefit of the social purpose corporation. While it is not for everyone, our life and business experiences lead us to this transition. We love the Pacific Northwest and our exceptional, diverse array of offerings in every aspect of life. Music, media, arts, film, digital arts, computing, sports, food, clothing, home design and furnishing, education, medicine, business acumen, logistical redistribution, internet business, aerospace and an endless supply of world recognized names and products have originated here. All those industries have given and do give back generously to our communities and region.

Our hope is that we can make a small contribution in that same vein in perpetuating a legacy for  a single person, a group, a business or an institution as the result of our association and success with and for our clients. We all need a noble cause and purpose beyond ourselves. What is your noble cause? What is your social purpose whether you are incorporated for that intent or not? Do you have a social purpose greater than yourself?  

The attached article on the subject and its growing scale is interesting, encouraging and most timely.

Business Insider – Blackrock CEO Larry Fink

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