Are You Focused on a North Star?

“Of course I’m focused on the North Star. I know where it is and how to use it to guide my path if I get lost.” You might that say naturally with ease. Let’s exchange some very small but important words.

Let’s swap “the” for an “a”.  Light up those letters Vanna.  Now, are you focused on a North Star? What is your North Star.?  What is your purpose that is a greater purpose than yourself? What is your noble cause that is beyond your spouse, your family, your friends, your money, your faith or your retirement fund?  What is something beyond those things that is even beyond yourself?  What is something that would cause your heart to soar not be sore should you give to some cause or someone without a dime in return?

If you are older you may have had many life-learned lessons and experiences to impart to someone younger than yourself.  Impartation means teaching, sharing, mentoring or giving to someone who could truly benefit from your knowledge and skills.  Imparting practical knowledge and the “how to” aspects of your life’s great adventure can aide someone in discovering their unique design or their North Star.   Discovery of your North Star applies whether you are an older or younger person.  The search also allows us to meet with each other and help one another find the best way to chart a course.  In most instances it is no longer the case that a simple, “I’m in the know because I’m older” is acceptable to those who are younger.  Appropriate answers, explanations, reasoning and thoughtful expression of the lesson or subject matter being taught will always be more advantageous than age.  Currently age as a qualifier may work just as well in the reverse.

In today’s digitized world, a much younger person may be helping an older individual find their digital North Star.   I certainly am blessed to have a younger business partner.  He asked me not too long ago if I knew what he liked best about my “flip phone”.

I replied, “I have no idea.”

His response was, “Absolutely no one will want to steal that baby.”

He then proceeded to meet me at my own level of digital maturity and patiently educate me about the benefits of becoming a functional citizen of the digital society.  I am so glad I approached him a few years ago and ask if he would be my accountability partner. We are now business partners.  With mutual respect and total disregard for age we are learning from one another daily. Our North Star, our legacy, is to help others have that same experience.  No matter our age we all have something to offer others that is a gift and blessing to them and a joy greater than any material value to us.

Find your North Star.  Find your noble cause.  Find your social benefit purpose.  It will change your perspective about life.  Find someone to mentor.  It doesn’t have to be a formal arrangement.   It doesn’t have to be work related.  Give to someone who needs what you know. Allow someone to give what they know to you to fill a need.  It’s not about age.  It’s not about comparisons.  It is about giving nobly and with humble purposefulness.  Were we all to find a way to exchange our knowings, we have no doubt that each of us would encounter the world as a more uplifting place.

And, if this approach works for Tim Cook it most likely will work for all of us.  See for yourself in the attached article.

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