Is Anyone Asking You the Tough Questions?

You may have the idea from reading our posts that we are into purpose. We encourage those who know us well to ask us tough questions about our purpose and how we are walking it out.

With that in mind, let me be the interrogator for a moment.

  • Do you have a Vision Statement? Not just for your business, organization or project but your personal life as well.
  • Do you have a Mission Statement? Business? Organization? Personal?
  • Do you have a Social Purpose?  Whether you are a Social Purpose Corporation or not. What are you giving back?
  • What are your Goals? Your career? Your life? Your great adventure?
  • What are your Objectives? Are you inspecting your activities or simply expecting them to happen? Are you suffering from “mission drift”?
  • What Oath have you made to yourself? Your Business? Employees? Co-workers? Family? Customers? Clients? Citizens?
  • What are your Values? Respect? Service? Integrity? Credibility? Humor? Significance? Comfort? Control? Compassion? Your Neighbor? Family? Yourself?
  • What is your Slogan? Here’s one of ours: We may not be able to change the world but we can help you change yours. Our tough question to ourselves regularly is: Whose world have we helped change today? How? Why not?
  • Lastly, what are your Beliefs? Personal? Faith? Business?People? Family?Country? World?

Imagine if every year people from all over the world ask you questions similar to the above? Could you answer them?  Do you have all the emboldened items written down? Do those around you know what they are? Do you know what they are?  If you have them, do you know where they are?  Though they emphasize the importance, only 2% of Harvard’s graduating classes over the last 20 years have actually developed Vision, Mission, Social Purpose, Goals, Objectives, Oath, Values, Slogan and Beliefs Statements or the like. Out of the 2% who have developed these statements, 98% successfully realized their plans. So, who’s asking you the tough questions about what you are doing,  hoping to do or not doing? Who’s holding you accountable for your Walking It Out Plan. If you are avoiding the people who ask the tough questions, rethink that. Aren’t those the people who can sharpen you and help shape you the most. Enjoy the attached article and keep this in mind. Though it may be Bill and Melinda Gates  Though he left Harvard before he graduated. He left in that 2% category with a plan. He can answer the tough questions. They both can. Could you about your business and life? Is anyone asking you the tough questions?

The Toughest Questions We Get; by Bill Gates and Melinda Gates

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